Exterminate Every Pesky Bug That Tries to Invade Your Home Or Property

Chemical pesticides have been in use for pest control for the last 4000 years or more. Sulfur compounds were used and even poisonous plants were introduced among crops to eradicate pests. Nowadays most pesticides are synthetic insecticides and have been known to have caused a lot of damage to the environment and even the food chain. Exterminators are now concentrating on biological pest control which does not have such side effects. This involves controlling the pest population by sterilizing them or reducing their propensity to propagate. Get the facts about exterminator.

Exterminators also concentrate on controlling pests by eliminating the breeding grounds of pests. By the proper management of waste and drainage water the breeding conditions for many pests like mosquitoes can be eliminated and their population controlled. Garbage collection and its correct storage and safe disposal largely eliminate rodents, and other insects like flies that are mainly scavengers.

Poisoned bait is one elimination method used by exterminators especially to get rid of rodents. Indiscriminate use of these can however cause dangerous conditions to exist for children and pets, and a good exterminator would be aware of this and take precautions accordingly. Such poison bait is also used to kill larger animals like foxes, birds or wolves that can be causing damage to the crops or livestock.

One way of exterminating crop and field pests that do not respond easily to other pest control methods is to burn the fields. Exterminators suggest these methods for sugar cane after the harvest so that all insects and their eggs are also eliminated and the soil enriched by the burnt produce.

Trapping is another way to exterminate pests.

Spraying of poison is another method by which exterminators control pests.

Another method to kill pests which are used by exterminators is fumigation of an enclosed area.

A more recent development for pest control and now in use by exterminators is the use of liquid or gels to control pests.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of bugs and pests from your home and property. If you want to get the job done with the least amount of fuss and effort, then call on a bug exterminator.

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